Your WordPress and NPressive logins are connected. Therefore, to login to Npressive you must first login into WordPress Admin Console. This is most often located at

From the WordPress admin console, select the NPressive tab in the upper left-most menu.
NOTE: If following these steps you are prompted to login again to NPressive,  please refresh your screen to restart the instance: 
  • On Windows, press Ctrl + F5
  • On Mac, press Command + R or Apple + R
  • On Chromebooks, press the F3 button—the one with the "reload" icon

Still a user can login directly into NPressive without going through WP, probably common for admins that enter NPpressive to perform administrative/communication tasks. In order to access NPressive interface directly a user will need to direct its browser to;$$Instance_Name$$

The value of $$Instance_Name$$ is particular of each client, ask for yours to support.

Since passwords of WP and NPS are not the same, nor these are synchronized a user that wants direct access will need to have its direct NPS password assigned by an administrator.