All emails and SMS text messaging queued to be sent with the CRM are tracked. You can check on the delivery status and 90-day history of such communications by following these steps:

Please note that we cannot continue to track messages once a message is "handed-off" to another server—such as the recipient's email server. The last status we would be able to indicate is that of "delivered." If we report such a status, but the recipient indicates they never received the message, we recommend checking their SPAM filter for the communication.

How To Use

Select Menu > Message Center

The Dashboard contains several key elements, including helpful Statistics on Queued, Not Delivered, Scheduled, and Delivered.

Browse the OutBound Messages grid to see the status of any message—email or SMS text—sent from NPressive within the last 90 days. You can filter this grid by date, status, and keyword. 

To view the details of the message, select the Magnify Glass under the Actions column. This screen includes the content of the message, as well as the technical Header and Delivery Log. From this detail screen, you can also REPLY or FORWARD the message if it was an email message.

If any messages look stuck, you can force a delivery by selecting "Trigger Outbound Processing."