WordPress has its own user account and permissions system for managing website users. A WordPress user account is necessary if you want to allow website visitors to create/register a login and access secure information on your website.

NPressive integrates and syncs directly with the WordPress user database, enabling a website administrator to manage their users and member profiles from a single location—from within NPressive!

Please note: the user sync is one-way only—from NPressive -> WordPress. If you create a user in WordPress, you will need to also manually create an NPressive profile for them with the same, unique email address. 

How to Use

  1. When you create a new constituent profile in NPressive, it automatically registers that member with WordPress upon saving the record. 
  2. The email set in NPressive serves as their username. The member can set their own password by selecting "lost password" from the WordPress Login screen, or by visiting the URL www.[yourdomain].com/lostpassword

  3. When creating the record in NPressive, make sure you set the "User Can Manage Profile" to "Yes."