An On-Demand Request covers the estimated time necessary to complete requests as follows:
  1. Not covered by Website Maintenance Plan. 
  2. Exceeds WebMaster Support Plan hours/credits
  3. Exceeds WebTeam Enhancement Retainer hours/credits
  4. Requires additional revisions or time
On-Demand Requests include all time relevant to your request—research, estimating, design and development, quality assurance and testing, and task coordination. It does NOT, however, imply any warranty on work, nor does it include materials. 

Pricing Tiers for On-Demand Request 

Discounts to On-Demand Request 

Below are the discounts we offer for all On-Demand Requests:
  1. Managed Hosting with Website Care Plan5% off
  2. WebMaster Support Plans: 10% off
  3. WebTeam Enhancement Retainers20% off

Claiming Discounts

To claim your discount, you must enter in your domain as the promo code during checkout (i.e., If you experience an issue claiming a discount, please state so in your order notes. We are unable to provide discounts after submission. 

Authorizing On-Demand Request

To authorize, you must first purchase the appropriate On-Demand Request. After receipt of payment, we will provide an estimated completion date.

All provided estimates are best-faith estimates only; they are NOT fix-bid quotes. Additional fees may be required to fully complete the request, including but not limited to additional time and/or materials. Your approval will be necessary before additional charges are made.