One of the helpful options for SmartSegment is the ability to update all the entries to a specific value or set a relationship with another Group.

When to Use

Here are several examples when mass updating entries is most helpful:
  • You want to change—edit or delete—the value of the same field in a group of profiles in a SmartSegment
  • You want to assign or associate a group of profiles in a SmartSegment to a specific Group.

How to Use

  1. Select or create a SmartSegment
  2. Select the Options text link
  3. Select Update Entries radio button

  4. If you want to update a specific field, select the Property and enter in a value. If you wish to remove the values, enter in __DELETE__ as the value.
  5. If you want to establish a relationship between the entries and another, you can set associations of Tags or the entry's unique ID. You can look up an entry's unique ID by clicking on its Name from the Profile view and copying the text.