You are able to manage or communicate with a manually created list of constituents with the Manually Selected Records feature. Just select the records you want to manage, which will add them to a temporary, private SmartSegment called "Manually Selected Items." When done, just clear the SmartSegment!

How to Use 

To begin creating a Manually Selected Items SmarList, do the following:
  • Select the individual entries you wish to manage or communicate with the row's empty checkbox under the Actions column.
  • Once you have added all the records, select the SmartSegment called "Manually Selected Items."
  • From here, you can select Options to interact with the SmartSegment.

There is one additional feature specific to the temporary "Manually Selected Items" SmartSegment—the ability to clear the SmartSegment. Upon selection, this action will simply remove the selected records from the SmartSegment.