While NPressive CRM already includes the ability to send both bulk email messages and SMS text messages, some clients also seek advanced HTML email campaigns, engagement reporting, and delivery automation. For that, we recommend EmailChimp for HTML email campaigns.

Once you have a MailChimp account, you can start syncing NPressive SmartSegments to MailChimp email lists.

Important Clarifications

NPressive integrates and syncs directly with MailChimp, enabling you to manage your email lists from within NPressive and sync those lists with MailChimp.

Once a sync is set, the process is automatic. Below are several important clarifications about this automated process:
  • The email sync is one-way only—from NPressive -> MailChimp.   
  • Syncs occur on the following schedule:
    • On demand when a SmartSegment is first selected to sync with MailChimp
    • On a daily schedule at 1:30pm and 8:30pm ET. 
    • If a record changes (insert/update/delete), any SmartSegment associated with it is updated as well. 

  • When a record is deleted from a SmartSegment, their email is also removed within MailChimp.

How to Use

  1. First, make sure you have created a MailChimp account.
  2. Edit a SmartSegment to sync with MailChimp. 
  3. Select Link SmartSegment with MailChimp. Note: you will first need to create a SmartList before you are able to Edit it and select the Sync with MailChimp option.

  4. Select which fields you want to sync with MailChimp
  5. Once a MailChimp sync is created, you may not edit the sync again. If you want to edit the sync for whatever reason, you must first Disconnect the MailChimp.